Cat laugh a network of unusual way of drinking water, and “prove” that cats are liquid (video)

Кот насмешил сеть необычным способом пить воду и «доказал», что кошки — это жидкость (видео)

The network extends funny video where the cat is offered a drink of water from a tall, narrow glass. Thirsty animal is first bewildered paw touches the glass, on the bottom of which the water splashes and pushes at his head and starts to lap up. “This is another proof that cats are liquid, “wrote in the comments.

By the way, in 2017 humorous Ignobelevskoy prize in physics was awarded to Mark-Antoine Pardino that proved that felines can go “beyond the normal physical boundaries” and can simultaneously be considered as solid, liquid and – because of their uncanny ability to take shape of the container in which they are located, literally “spilling” on it.

Someone from Twitter users in response to the “drinking cat” posted his video, where a representative of the same tribe miraculously drawn into the gap under the door.

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