Catch me if you can: the biggest Scam in history

“Of course, fraud is bad. But sometimes the scammers are charming (to recall Ostap Bender – one more character, though fictional) and they are so masterly that it is worthy of admiration. Sometimes their plans are so simple that the question arises: “And so it was possible?”. The author of the blog “social Science” on “Yandex.Zen” has collected a list of the most notorious frauds of the XIX-XX centuries.

Поймай меня, если сможешь: самые громкие аферы в истории

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Writer Aaron Vigushin said: “If you engage in petty fraud that will go to jail. It is better to do large scams, so you can get into the story”.

Two men and jewelry

Sophia Ivanovna Blyuvshteyn became the heroine of many films and TV series. The world she is known as a criminal named Sonka the Golden hand. On account of this adventuress a great many thefts, most of which are made with elegance and virtuosity.

Once, Sofia visited the Odessa jewelry store and stated that her husband – the famous psychiatrist wants to give her a gift of jewelry. Choosing jewelry, the speculator asked the seller took them to the doctor’s house. She herself went on reception to the psychiatrist and complained of her husband, who is literally obsessed with jewelry.

When Sophia came out of the office, the owner of the jewelry store was already there. She quietly took delivered the jewels and told him to get the payment in the office of her husband. The psychiatrist thought it was “crazy spouse” of the patient and called paramedics. In the end, the jeweler was taken to the clinic, and Sonka the Golden hand of jewels disappeared.

The sellers sites

Czech conman Victor Lustig became famous as a “seller of the Eiffel tower”. He arrived in Paris in the spring of 1925 after he read the news in the newspaper that the Eiffel tower in need of repair. It should be said that the attraction was in charge of the Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs. Lustig made the fake documents in the name of the official of this Department and sent the largest dealers of scrap metal of the invitation to the private auction. One of the merchants gave the scammer a check for 250 000 francs, after which he fled to Austria. After some time, Victor Lustig returned to Paris and tried to pull the Scam again, but that he has failed: the buyer contacted the police.

But Lustig was not a pioneer in this kind of scams. A similar incident happened earlier, in the late nineteenth century. It happened in Russia. Officer Nicholas Savine stood on guard when approached by an American. Nicholas had the owner of the property and the forged documents he sold to a foreigner the Winter Palace, then fled with two suitcases of money.

Catch me if you can

You’ve been currently in the United States a young man named Frank Abignale, Jr., and lived to see that his story became the basis of Steven Spielberg’s film “Catch me if you can.” In 16 years the young man began to forge checks. First, under the guise of airline pilot pan American, he flew over 26 countries, flew at the expense of the company in excess of 1,000,000 miles. Accommodation in hotels, meals, cab fare and entertainment Frank paid a fake cheque.

The police are interested in scams in just five years. Then he “retrained” in the pediatrician and got the position of head of children’s Department of hospital in Georgia. Following the hypostasis of Abignale Junior staff of the office of the attorney General of the state of Louisiana.

As a result, in 1969, the fraudster was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison. But the FBI decided to use a mastermind Frank and offered him cooperation. He refused. After the release the former conman helped the intelligence agencies to detect fraud.



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