Catherine Kuchar spoke about extra pounds

Ballerina in the United States allowed himself to relax

Екатерина Кухар рассказала о лишних килограммах

Ukrainian prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuhar always keeps himself in shape, because this is required by her profession. She usually shares her personal secrets, but recently all told how to become the owner of a flat tummy and voiced their obligatory morning rituals. But baleine sometimes allows himself to relax … to gain extra pounds. This Catherine admitted Katya Osadchaya during an interview for “the high life”. Appropriate video appeared on the YouTube channel of the program.

The judge of Dancing with the stars said that after the trip this summer in the US came home not only with bright impressions, but a couple of extra pounds. However, the husband of celebrity Alexander Stoyanov was delighted from the appearance opravivshis wife.

“I scored so well gained. My husband was so excited. He said: “I’m asking you, stay in this state,” he recalled with a laugh a ballerina.

“The summer I gained about five pounds, and Katerina is 3.5″, — declassified figures Alexander.”I’ve already dropped,” said Catherine.

The couple remembered their wedding in the fourth live of the project dancing with the stars 2019 on channel 1+1. They were married on Sunday, September 15, and organized a massive celebration on the eyes of viewers.

“Actually, five years ago we had a marriage before God in the Church. The channel offered us to make such a gift,” — said the ballerina.

Video: YouTube/ the social life