Catherine Kuhar admired beauty in luxurious red dress

Catherine Kuhar known Ukrainian prima ballerina, is popular not only in the country but also abroad. In addition, the dancer, often invited to participate in various shows as a judge, expert or just a guest. So, she’s a strict judge of Dancing with the stars 2019, and recently visited the set of “League of laughter”, washitaw his gorgeous outfit.

Екатерина Кухар восхитила красотой в роскошном красном платье

Catherine has shared on his page in Instagram a vivid picture from the shoot, which she sealed on the confetti-strewn stage. The dancer tried on the air red dress with a shorter hemline in front and long train in the back. She complements a bold bow stilettos, and a thin black belt highlighted her chiseled waist. Kuchar posing on the stairs in a beautiful pose, having exposed forward one leg and resting his hands on his hips.

Admitted as a ballerina, this dress caused a lot of compliments in her address. She herself described her outfit as “image of red Giselle”.

“Yesterday in the form of “RED GISELLE” dress from the limited collaboration between H&M x Giambattista Valli… Got so many nice compliments from men and admiring glances from the girls. Realized…No wonder that dress was a real HUNT,” shared Catherine.

Netizens also bathed Kuhar compliments in the comments, calling her a true goddess.

  • Katyusha is a real goddess,You so beautiful in red,I wish You success in everything
  • Katerina, a thousand and one compliments in your address, you are beautiful!
  • Luxury
  • Incredible
  • Why are you so beautiful???
  • Catherine, you are beautiful)
  • What leg beautiful wow
  • As always adorable!!!
  • You are just perfect and incredibly beautiful! You are an example for all the girls of the country and the subject of a secret adoration of men
  • Now this is my favorite image saamy
  • Yes, you look this way, dress is lovely