Catherine Kuhar admired the slim figure in a swimsuit

In Ukraine it’s Indian summer and all are happy to enjoy the warm Sunny days of stars of show — business is no exception. Especially good for those who live in a private home as they can enjoy the sun right in your backyard. It did so and the prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Kateryna Kuhar, who previously told how he keeps himself in great shape.

Екатерина Кухар восхитила стройной фигурой в купальнике

It is obviously perfectly possible — in fact a dancer weighs 42 kilograms and boasts of downright chiseled forms. Catherine has demonstrated her gorgeous figure in all its glory in a new photo in Instagram it’s the one she is depicted in a bright one piece bathing suit lilac color, which depicts the cartoon character Jessica rabbit. Bathrobe in tone ballerina lowered from the shoulders and enjoy the sunshine on the green lawn.

Екатерина Кухар восхитила стройной фигурой в купальнике

“I was right, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, when he said that autumn is the time in order to bloom again… And with these sun rays, I think we all did it….As well, yesterday, our day off, and along with the holiday, we were lucky once again to enjoy the sun in front of an incredibly heavy week, before the festival Ballet Open Space,” shared a satisfied dancer.

Members once again came to the delight of the figure of the judge dancing with the stars 2019 and showered her with compliments.

  • Unreal beauty
  • Catherine, You’ve blossomed!
  • You Shine brighter than the sun
  • The pink Panther
  • TSE shkandal
  • The figurine is just fire!)
  • You are so beautiful..I Admire You
  • Cool swimsuit
  • clever, beautiful
  • You are so tiny and petite! Clothes are all custom-made, perhaps?!
  • In this way Catherine has never seen before!
  • You are a very classy lady)))
  • Play Olya Polyakova on the navel