Catherine Kuhar in an unusual way graced the cover of gloss

Charming prima ballerina and judge on TV show Dancing with the stars Catherine Kuhar also impresses with its talent model. Recently, the actress shone on the website of Vogue Italy in camera lens of Ukrainian photographer Vadim Acuna. Now a spectacular dancer graced the cover of Ukrainian glossy magazine Marie Claire.

Екатерина Кухар в необычном образе украсила обложку глянца

Multiple pictures Catherine shared on his page in Instagram. On the cover she appeared in a new image — a dress with puffed sleeves and frill and leather inserts. In addition, Kuchar made a bright make-up with strong hands and a red lipstick and did my hair beautiful curls.

Even one shot ballerina appeared more gentle and home — she poses in a warm sleeveless dress, black tights and white boots. This time the hair is collected spectacular beauty and make-up on her face more bright and natural.

Екатерина Кухар в необычном образе украсила обложку глянца

“Find limitless talent in people who are able to reveal to you a new face and “secret rooms” of which you have no idea …. Each new interview or a special project — like a transition to another stage of life….and for me, it is a certain dogma! Communicating I don’t just relive the history of my life, I looked at them “anew” and all of a sudden for me I found the answers to long forgotten questions……Here it is — the TALENT of the interviewer…
Thanks, the team @marieclaire_ua for the cool images of dances and the positive charge of emotions!” — shared Kuhar impressions of the shooting.

Delighted subscribers showered Catherine with a wave of compliments.

  • Wow!!! So small,slender and pretty.
  • wow! Yak VI cuuuuteeeee! Photo 2 mi-mi-mi
  • Cool image! The image in the style of Amy Winehouse)
  • Wow, didn’t recognize immediately
  • The most beautiful cover…ever
  • Very nice and not usually
  • A wonderful woman
  • Garna divchina
  • A TSE vzagali legally bootie so beautiful?