Catherine Kuhar open up with your fans

The known Ukrainian prima ballerina Ekaterina Kuchar, who recently spoke about what has impressed her boyfriend boasted to fans of American visa is a special category. She wrote about this on his page in Instagram.

Екатерина Кухар разоткровенничалась со своими поклонниками

Kuhar said that it’s great knowing that every step brings professional development to new possibilities and the heights of the world.

The other day she found out a big news. The fact that the US gave her a visa category “O-1” visa for persons with extraordinary or exceptional abilities.

She noted that she was very nice, and last year she became a frequent and welcome guest in this country.

“Of course, I, like all fans of the business, it is important that my incredibly complex ballet work is appreciated. And, especially, outside of my homeland. Undoubtedly such recognition inspires and inspires,” wrote Kuhar.

Netizens also congratulated the ballerina with it.

  • I sincerely congratulate! Are Addicted To You! Success in everything!!!
  • Our favorite and unreal Katerina!!! You are our pride, I’m happy that I live in one time with you and in the same country. I wish you strength and inspiration to conquer new heights;
  • I am very happy for you, Katherine! Dance and even more inspiration! Your soul I am very impressed!
  • Katya, I congratulate you, there is no limit to perfection! I wish you strength and inspiration for continuous development.