Catherine Kuhar shared her secrets to a slim figure

Prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Kateryna Kuhar from childhood works hard not only on your professional skills and style but also figure. Because of the feminine forms of a dancer even in his youth was compared to Jennifer Lopez. How he keeps himself in excellent physical shape Kuhar said in the program “Sravi way” in category “Kava z pepper” on the channel “Ukraine”.

Екатерина Кухар поделилась своими секретами стройной фигуры

Every morning is a 42-pound ballerina begins a special ritual, and at night indulges in the Italian sausage.

“When I Wake up, I drink a glass of cool water with lemon, about a half-hour before meals. Then begin to twist the hula Hoop. Next I have a 15 minute charging on the Mat. Then I start Breakfast, wipe face with ice cubes, make your self a mask or apply the patches. I love spaghetti Carbonara. But I usually always eat it on the day of the performance. Because we need power”, — shares with “Srcover path” ballerina and says that you can always find in the fridge Catherine Kuhar dry-cured sausage, especially Spanish, Italian, sometimes you can eat night.

“My mom has special sausage, which nobody touches. Because it is my sleeping pills. Sausage and hamonic, says Kuhar on the channel “Ukraine” and adds that she had quite a curvy shape, I was named Jennifer Lopez. A ballerina should be generally flat on all sides. I had such a female lyashechki and enclosure. I’m worried all the time, made such a charge special to this place to stesti yourself. In General, children ballet they have no childhood. Ballet is such an art, either you give yourself over to him completely, without a trace, or there is not worth to go. On the one hand, you have a poof on the other side of the sofa, you lie in the lateral twine, on top you put 20-killogramovy cargo plate such 20 lbs. And you’re lying — you have so slowly the tears begin to drip, drip. And the teacher my mom at this point said, let’s go to the kitchen, get a Cup of coffee.”