Catherine Kuhar showed rare the 9-year-old son

Fans noted that the boy looks like mom and dad at the same time

Екатерина Кухар показала редкий снимок 9-летнего сына

Catherine Kuhar rarely shows on the network son and daughter, however, has pleased fans with a new photo of the grown up son of Timur. The picture shows 9-year-old boy in military pants and a black leather jacket sitting behind the wheel of a luxury Porsche car and stares into the lens.

Kuchar admitted that already worries what will happen during the transitional age of the guy.

Екатерина Кухар показала редкий снимок 9-летнего сына

“Well, Belle, went to ride…?” Already looking forward to his transition to adulthood…” — commented on the celebrity.

Netizens marveled by the beauty of the boy and noted that he miraculously combines the features of mom and dad are clearly on the rise and an enviable boyfriend.

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