Catherine Kuhar was fascinated by the delicate photo and revealed his secret to success

Catherine Kuhar — prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine, which has toured extensively abroad, and as a celebrity judge on TV show Dancing with the stars 2019. Recently, the dancer also tried a new incarnation, and appeared in several fashion photo shoots — so she even shone on the website of Vogue Italy. What is the secret of her success, the actress shared on his page in Instagram.

Екатерина Кухар заворожила нежным фото и раскрыла свой секрет успеха

Catherine has published a tender photo where she is standing at a ballet bar in a milk dress with fringe looking away from the camera.

According to Kuhar, she only recently realized the key success factors.

“I’m often asked about the secrets of success. One of them I realized recently is self-discipline and self-criticism… Ballet, like life, is constant work. If the artist woke up, and it hurts nothing, then he died.. the Pain is our constant companion… With her we learn to accept what I do with pieces of cork in the bottle of expensive old wine.” — shared her wise thoughts ballerina.

Well, maybe that is why it is often so strict and demanding to the participants of the project dancing with the stars?

Subscribers are bombarded Catherine with excited comments and thanked for the inspiring and wise words.

  • Young, Garnier, wise!!!
  • Beauty
  • That’s true, but the constant work brings results quality! You are a talent and great workaholic! I Admire You!
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  • Catherine, as always. About pieces of cork smartly noticed…
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