Catherine Kuhar was shocked by the story of his life

The incident occurred in the early career of the prima ballerina.

Екатерина Кухар потрясла историей из своей жизни

Prima Opera of Ukraine, judge of the project “Dances with stars z” Catherine Kuhar was shocked by the story of his life.

It turns out that early in his career, the star nearly died in a car accident. About Kuchar spoke exclusively available in the “Life of famous people”.

According to Catherine, the incident occurred near the Opera house. “It was a head-on collision. I had a concussion. And I was not wearing” — said the ballerina.

Catherine formed a huge hematoma on his head. It took six months of difficult, grueling rehabilitation. “The month closed, curtained window. Reading is not possible. Not allowed to watch television. When I looked at myself in the mirror I did not recognize,” — confessed celebrity.

But Catherine Kuchar are weak, and not accustomed to give up, so we fought and overcame. Returned to the stage and Shine like a Phoenix.