Catherine Silchenko took part in a fashion show at the fashion Week in Paris

The fashion show of L’oreal Paris Le Défilé, held in the framework of the fashion Week in Paris, as usual, gathered the whole constellation of celebrities. Here shone Doutzen Croesus, Eva Longoria, Aishwarya Rai, Andie MacDowell and the other brand Ambassador.

Екатерина Сильченко приняла участие в показе в рамках Недели моды в Париже

Surprise was the appearance on the podium of another celebrity. Model on a luxurious show was made by the famous Ukrainian designer Ekaterina Silchenko. A talented young woman was invited to participate in the show, as she became the face of L’oreal in the Ukraine.

For each participant was chosen a stylish way with attention to detail. Clothes from the best brands from the latest collections, including Balmain, Elie Saab, Etudes, Karl Lagerfeld, Koche, and others perfectly complemented the makeup from the famous cosmetic nonsense. At the end of the show the audience had a real surprise: the stage was a son of Eva Longoria – year-old Santiago. The baby was as always cheerful and active, but after a few minutes of participation in the fashion show has fallen asleep on hands at mother. Such a touching note further emphasized that the show is a hymn to femininity.

Kate tried to display a black suit: trousers with high waist and silk top with an unusual and very open neckline. In his microblog, the designer added a few photos, and wrote a long post, which shares good news and their impression of the show.

“My friends! It was not the show) Is a true hymn to women: strong, dignified, confident, cheerful, noble! It was this incredible concentration of energy (the feeling that you’re in the flow) we laughed, cried from happiness, the music was mesmerizing, goosebumps… So much has got me and Every member of your audience! Now I know that L’oréal Paris is not just cosmetic, it is a whole philosophy about woman, and how glad I am to be a part of this team,” wrote Silchenko.