“Cats against Brexit” put forward in the British Parliament nonpartisan cat Stan

«Кошки против Brexit» выдвинули в британский парламент беспартийного кота Стэна

In the UK, the participants of the public movement “Cats against Brexit” was nominated for the upcoming parliamentary elections in cat Stan.

As The Mirror reports, the animal will become the official candidate from the constituency Gillingham and Rainham in Kent.

In the election program of the candidate non-partisan four-legged are invited to open the cats access to the roof of the station Gillingham to get rid of pigeons.

The movement called “Cats against Brexit” first appeared as a joke in social networks three years ago. The majority of all the members is quite impressive to date community is residents of small towns, where the country’s withdrawal from Europe will have a negative impact due to the fall in tourist flows.

At the moment Stan the cat are ready to vote about 700 people.