Caught fire and destroyed a bridge in Arizona derailed train with hazardous substances

In Arizona a freight train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed and erupted over the local lake Tempe town. Part of the bridge was destroyed, writes 24tv.

Загорелся и разрушил мост: в Аризоне сошел с рельсов поезд с опасными веществами

Photo: a video frame YouTube/Reuters

Thick clouds of smoke were visible for hundreds of meters from the place of emergency. A cargo train EN route to Phoenix from Tucson, derailed around 6:15 local time.

The fire engulfed eight cars carrying flammable substances. The crew of the train miraculously survived and was not injured. However, one person who is not a member of the crew had inhaled toxic smoke and were hospitalized.

To extinguish the flame I had with both the water and land transport. About 90 firefighters called to the scene of an emergency. Fire extinguishing was complicated by the hot weather.

ABC reports that three tanks of the train fell down the bridge to the Parking area. The representative of the carrier, a flight, said that the two tanks contained cyclohexanone and one rubber material.

The South side of the bridge collapsed.

It is worth noting that only recently — on July 9 — the bridge hosted the annual technical inspection.

“This annual inspection, which is conducted on all our railway bridges. According to the report, the bridge was in good condition,” said Lupe Valdez, a representative of the railroad company Union Pacific.

The validation report was published. Valdes said it will give Federal investigators, writes Azfamily. Valdes also admitted that at that place was a train wreck on June 26 and said that the railway was opened two days after the repair.

Загорелся и разрушил мост: в Аризоне сошел с рельсов поезд с опасными веществами

Photo: a video frame YouTube/Reuters

Fire chief Greg Ruiz said that the tank leaked about 500 gallons of flammable substances, before crews were able to raise them. According to him, extensive environmental cleanup will begin after the Union Pacific will perform their duties.

“Their goal is to get all tanks from Tempe town to Sunday, August 2, said Ruiz. — They can then start working on another process.”

The local Commissioner of the Arizona Corporation Commission Sandra Kennedy says the crash highlights the importance of investing in infrastructure and regulatory operations. The ACC regulates all Railways across the state. However, Kennedy said that due to lack of funding, they are unable to carry out the necessary checks.

“We are focused on regulation. We come to the place and investigating violations, and we just didn’t have that authority or money, because the legislator and the Governor tied our hands,” said Kennedy.

After the collapse of the Governor Doug Dusi issued a statement in which he praised the quick actions of the first responders. He also said that his office “will closely monitor the situation and provide all support.”

“I think the Governor just sad and nonsense, because he knows, and Republican legislators know that they delayed the money to prevent us from working,” said Kennedy.

In response, the office of the Governor stated that the budget for fiscal year 2016 for the ACC provided $29.8 million, and in 2017, was hired two additional inspectors. The office also noted that “over the past four years, the Commission has not spent the full allocation”.

Загорелся и разрушил мост: в Аризоне сошел с рельсов поезд с опасными веществами

Photo: a video frame YouTube/Reuters

Kennedy says she wants open communication with the railway companies and the government to know what materials and substances are traveling through the state.

“That’s what we need to know on the Railways. If you are transporting the material, we want to know what it is, we want to know where it goes, how far it goes? But we just don’t know,” she explained.



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