Cause terrible pain and suffocation: why toys on batteries dangerous for children

The holiday season is full of not only joy, but also dangers. Each year the children receive a lot of gifts, many of which have little no perceptible battery pill or push button batteries. About it writes BBC.

Вызывают страшную боль и удушье: почему игрушки на батарейках опасны для детей

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Little children, do not hesitate, play and swallow a little shiny, like coins, batteries. Of them acid burns the esophagus and lungs, causing terrible pain and suffocation, puts the child’s life at risk.

These batteries are used in many gadgets and toys that give for the holidays. They can be found in gaming headphones, fitness wristbands, some mini robots, insects and fishes, the trinkets and toys yo-yo.

Holiday lights, TV remotes, singing Santa Claus, electrospace and musical Christmas cards can also work with these batteries.

How to prevent it?

Experts warn that the saliva in the body interacts with substances from the batteries, creating caustic chemicals, so the time in such cases is of paramount importance.

Discharged batteries can be dangerous because they contain a sufficient amount of electric charge that much to hurt the child.

Ashley Martin from the Royal society for the prevention of accidents warns parents: “make Sure that toys and other products where batteries are used, for example, small electronic devices, there are special compartments to which access is blocked. Beware of items such as musical greeting cards, electrospace and remote controls, as compartments for batteries, there is often impossible to block. Make sure that spare batteries are kept out of reach of children and used, then disposed of properly.”

Medical Director of NHS England, Professor Stephen Hung, said: “For kids button batteries can look like candy”.

“We want parents aware of the dangers of these potentially lethal batteries. The best way to protect children is to simply keep out of reach of children batteries and ensure that any toys containing batteries will be securely locked compartments for them,” he said.

If you suspect that a child swallows the battery, immediately consult a doctor.