Causes of psychological disorders: residents of San Francisco is an annoying sound coming from the bridge ‘Golden Gate’

Authorities in San Francisco are working to come up with a way to quiet the buzz coming from famous bridge “Golden Gate”, which began to irritate some people. This writes Fox News.

Вызывает психологические расстройства: жителей Сан-Франциско раздражает звук, исходящих от моста 'Золотые Ворота'

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For the first time about the noise reported on 5 June. According to reports, the culprit are the North-West wind, which touches the railing of the sidewalk of the bridge, their recently installed as doosnastit.

Some residents said that the noise sounds like torture and cause them psychological distress.

Eva Bauer-Forbes, chief engineer, highway and transportation district “the Golden Gate”, said the engineers did not know that will be a sound when doing the upgrade of the bridge. Consultants were asked to help solve the problem.

Some people even like those strange sounds, but many people consider them “creepy”.

“It seriously will cause people to insanity. I might have,” wrote one person.

“How beautiful… while you’re just visiting and don’t live within earshot. It’s driving me crazy!”, commented another user.




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