CDC and Microsoft has created a chatbot that helps you to test yourself on the COVID-19

The centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) in conjunction with Microsoft have developed a chat-bot that can pre-determine the symptoms of the virus COVID-19. Chat bot “Clara” was developed on the basis of “Healthcare Bot” Microsoft says “Voice of America”.

CDC и Microsoft создали чат-бот, помогающий проверить себя на COVID-19

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It puts the user a series of questions based on the Information the CDC on the symptoms of coronavirus. Recall, this is the temperature dry cough and breathing problems. After analyzing the data, the bot may offer the user: to isolate themselves, to consult a specialist to visit the emergency room. In addition, the chatbot provides additional information and contacts for local health departments.

As explained by Microsoft, the use of artificial intelligence will help to reduce the burden on doctors, nurses and administration of hospitals, allowing them to focus on more complex cases. Because a bot can quickly sort patients among those who have high risk factors and requires emergency medical care, and those who can stay at home. This would help to prevent overload of the health system as a whole.

At the same time, the developers pay attention to the fact that the bot just informs you about the potential threat and provides contacts for local health departments where you need to apply. However, it does not report the address of the testing centers COVID-19 and does not put diagnoses.

Microsoft also announced that since the start of the chat-bot receives 1 million requests per day from people who are worried about their symptoms of coronavirus. The developers expect the number of requests will only increase.

CDC и Microsoft создали чат-бот, помогающий проверить себя на COVID-19

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This is not the only project Microsoft, which aims to help in the fight against coronavirus. Previously, the company launched a resource based on Bing, which collects information about the spread of the virus (the number of patients who died, recovered) in the world. Besides, along with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube, the company is struggling with the spread of fakes and misinformation on these platforms.

Artificial intelligence for combating coronavirus use other companies and universities. For example, the Institute of global health at Harvard University has developed an interactive map that calculated the load of hospitals in all States depending on different scenarios. The developers hope that this will help authorities to see the gap in the system and respond to them.

Artificial intelligence is used for the diagnosis COVID-19 at the pictures of the lungs. In China in the midst of the epidemic, a number of companies, specializing in artificial intelligence, taught their programs to recognize the CT images of the lungs. First they worked as the “second pair of eyes”, but since the end of February artificial intelligence has learned to recognize COVID-19 in the lungs for a few seconds. Then, these programs have been used in hospitals.

A similar system is used by Israeli doctors. RADLogics local startup has developed a diagnostic system based on artificial intelligence. But a quick diagnosis and high accuracy result, the system can track and how the disease.

To be tested with the chat-bot can visit the CDC.

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