Celine Dion has unveiled the video for the lyrical song Imperfections

The singer submitted the black and white video for the song Imperfections (“Imperfect”).

Селин Дион представила видеоработу на лирическую композицию Imperfections

Famous canadian singer Celine Dion, who recently admitted that after her husband’s death, not ready for a new relationship, are now actively engaged in creativity.

So, on the YouTube-channel 51-year-old star has a new video for the lyrical song Imperfections (“Imperfect” — approx.ed.).

New clip of delighted fans of the stars and this is not surprising since in the black-and-white video of Dion shows herself without makeup, and demonstrates the incredible designer outfits.

As stated in the edition of Rolling Stone, the video was directed by Gabriel Corner-Dumont, who decided to focus only on the lyrics of the song in which Celine sings about their shortcomings.

It is also noted that the composition of Imperfections is the third single from the new album, Courage, which will be released November 15.