Celine Dion is not ready for a new relationship

The singer admitted that she lacks male attention and romance, but experiences after the death of the husband does not allow her to start a new novel.

Селин Дион не готова к новым отношениям

In an interview, Celine Dion said she really misses the things that usually have in relationships:

I don’t date. To them I’m not ready. Around me many people who make me smile, but I miss the touch, the embrace. I miss the fact that I was told that I was beautiful. What would make my boyfriend or husband.

Celine and her husband Rene Angelil was married for 22 years. The singer’s husband died of throat cancer in January 2016. They had known each other almost a lifetime, because Renee was the Manager of Celine from the earliest stages of a career. It is not surprising that the singer is very hard to come to terms with this loss. Celine says she thinks about her late husband every day. Before each action, she asks herself: “would Approve it? Would he do the same?”. Faith in your loved one never leaves the singer to this day.

However, Celine Dion understands that life goes on and you must move on. She realized that her main support was gone so now she has to take care of myself. The first step to a new life became her new album, due out in November this year. This is the first work of the singer, made without the participation of her husband. But Celine says that it wasn’t just physically, because inside it always feels the presence of the beloved.