Cereals: Ukraine refutes Putin's accusations

Grains: Ukraine refutes Putin's accusations


KYIV | Ukraine on Wednesday refuted the accusations of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who assured that grain exports from Kyiv went mainly to EU countries, retorting that two thirds of deliveries went to countries in Africa and other countries. 'Asia. 

“In total, two-thirds of the ships sent are directed to Asia, Africa and the Middle East”, assured the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kouleba, quoted in a press release, insisting on the fact that these exports from Kyiv had “had a positive effect on reducing” food prices.

“The lies of the Russians about sending Ukrainian cereals only to Europe simply do not correspond to reality”, he said.

He notably cited China, Egypt, Iran, India or even Somalia and Libya among the countries which, according to him, received cargoes of cereals Ukrainians.

“The only reason for the worsening of the global food crisis this year was and remains the brutal war unleashed by Russia, which blocked Ukrainian seaports and deliberately destroyed agricultural infrastructure and logistics,” the ministry added. /p>

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Ukrainian grain exports went mainly to European countries and not to poor countries, which he said created a risk of “catastrophe for humanity”.

Since the grain agreement signed in July under the sponsorship of Turkey and the UN, nearly 100 ships loaded with more than two million tons of grain and other agricultural products have left the Ukrainian ports, according to data provided to AFP on Wednesday by the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) in Istanbul.

According to these data, only 36% of Ukrainian grain went to countries of the European Union.