CF Montreal: it's embarrassing

CF Montréal: c’est embarrassing


CF Montreal had a bad performance to make up for, they did so by delivering another unenviable one in a 2-1 loss to Sporting Kansas City on Saturday.

Once again, Montreal bowed out against an adrift team, Kansas City showing up in the metropolis with the worst record in MLS.

The 14,127 spectators are certainly left Stade Saputo disappointed with such an uninspired performance where the team only lit up in the last ten minutes, when they were trying to get a draw.

Once again, the Bleu-blanc-noir shot himself in the foot by giving his opponent a gift of goals.

Two blunders

Montreal took an early 1-0 lead in the 13th minute when Lassi Lappalainen went there with a superb dribbling sequence to beat an opposing defender and join Romell Quioto at the far post who headed the ball in for his seventh goal of the season.

Quioto, however, made a big blunder which led to the visitors' first goal when a bad pass hit an opponent and he was limp to win the ball back. Roger Espinoza sniffed out a good deal and made a long lob that beat Sebastian Breza, too far from his goal, in the 29th. Shared responsibility between Quioto and his guardian.

Montreal was rather extinguished afterwards and we did not see this real sense of urgency. Very solid on the right flank in the first half, Lappalainen was transferred to the left in the second half and it cut his legs.

It was a coverage error that led to Kansas City's second goal when Rémi Walter arrived like a train to recover a loose ball and beat Breza in the 63rd.

Without the Ultras

After returning to Stade Saputo the last local meeting, the Ultras were not present on Saturday.

Earlier this week, they told the Journal by email that they still wanted to make a return to the stadium.

On Friday, a representative of the club let it be known that the Ultras had announced their absence for Saturday's clash.

A meeting is scheduled for next week between representatives of the group of supporters and the president and chief of management, Gabriel Gervais. 

12MontrealGuardian:S. Breza.Defenders:K. Miller, R. Camacho, A. Johnston.Middle:J. Kwizera (replaced by M. Choinière at the 46th minute), I. Koné, S. Piette (replaced by A. Hamdi at the 80th minute), L. Lappalainen (replaced by Z. Brault-Guillard at the 80th minute), M Miljevic (substituted for J. Torres in the 71st minute). Striker: Romell Quioto, M. Toye (substituted for K. Kamara in the 72nd minute). Kansas City Goalkeeper: T. Melia.Defenders:K. Pierre, N. Isimat-Mirin, A. Fontas, B. Sweatshirt.Middle:O. Rosell (substituted by F. Hernandez in the 72nd minute), J. Russell (substituted by R. Voloder in the 88th minute), R. Espinoza (substituted by C. Duke in the 82nd minute), R. Walter, D. Salloi .Attacker:K. Shelton. GoalMontréal : Quioto (13th – passes to Lappalainen and Koné) KANSAS CITY : Espinoza (29th), Walter (63rd – passes to Shelton)CartonsMONTRÉAL : Kwizera (32nd) KANSAS CITY : Rosell (27th), Espinoza (61st), Pierre (77th )

MTL 5 1
SKC 3 4
MTL 12 2
SKC 16 0
&nbsp ; COINS
MTL 12


Lassi Lappalainen

7.5/10 | Lassi Lappalainen

  • He is definitely at ease in the right lane, on his good foot. He can support the attack better. (photo)

7.5/10 | Alistair Johnston

  • A combative and determined performance. A little stronger than its defense colleagues.

7/10 | Kamal Miller

  • He alternated good and bad defensively, he was better in his distribution of ball.

7/10 | Romell Quioto

  • He was capable of the best and the worst with a fine goal and a big error which provoked an opposing goal.

6.5/10 | Rudy Camacho

  • He has sometimes been sucked in by opposing attackers, which he must avoid to be effective.

6.5/10 | Mathieu Choinière

  • He does not arrive in an easy context in the second half. He tries to animate as best he can.

6.5/10 | Samuel Piette

  • A lackluster game for the captain who did well, but had his share of problems.

6/10 | Ismaël Koné

  • He touches the ball a lot, but he has to manage his possessions better and above all be more precise in his distribution.

6/10 | Mason Toye

  • He struggled to stand out and we must admit that he didn't have many balls to do so.

5.5/10 | Matko Miljevic

  • Some great ideas that don't come to fruition. He must play less comedy on contact with the opponent.

5.5/10 | Ahmed Hamdi

  • Too feverish, he doesn't make the right decisions near the opposing goal.

5/10 |Sebastian Breza

  • He often plays away from his goal and was caught in the act on Espinoza's goal. His footwork needs to be worked on.

5/10 | Jojea Kwizera

  • The experience is not conclusive in the left lane. Too many imprecise passes. 

Is Breza the man for the job in goal? 

What would the Montreal sporting landscape be without a good discussion about goaltenders?

We are beginning to wonder more and more if Sebastian Breza is the right man for CF Montreal and when a colleague asked Wilfried Nancy if the goalkeeping position was the team's Achilles' heel, his response opened the door.

“Maybe,” replied l head coach, later mentioning Breza as his number one, which puts James Pantemis as number two.

But is Breza playing like a starting goalkeeper at the moment?

“In the last games, we conceded goals, some of them were avoidable. Against Toronto we conceded four goals and there were some that were avoidable,” said Nancy, referring to Pantemis’ last start in the Canadian Championship.

It hurts

Samuel Piette admitted that this defeat against the worst team in the league leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth.

“These are avoidable goals and a result that hurts. In content, it does not reflect the match at all. Kansas City was struggling to make two consecutive assists.

“It hurts because we were coming home, we were confident despite the 4-0 in Los Angeles. We started the match well and we took the lead, in the end we lost a match that we must never lose.”

The captain assured that the team had not taken Sporting at the slight due to its rank in the leaderboard.

“We knew, we had prepared well and we started the match well. The goals we concede are never easy goals like that.

“I don't think it was a lack of effort or that we underestimated the opposing team. We weren't able to put our chances, but we didn't necessarily create big chances either.”

Shared responsibility

The visitors' first goal was a true gift wrapped in two errors by Romell Quioto and Sebastian Breza. The first made a bad pass and the second was too far from his goal.

“It was a mistake by both players, insisted Wilfried Nancy. Romell could have played with a bit more urgency and then Sebastian gets lobbed from afar.”

Nancy was mostly bothered by the fact that it was another goal allowed against the run of play .

“It's annoying because we're not in danger and we give up goals. In the first half, they had nothing except that opportunity.”