CFL: a harmful rivalry for the Alouettes?

CFL: A harmful rivalry for the Alouettes?


The Alouettes will face the Ottawa Redblacks for the last time in 2022 on Friday and they will have to be very careful about managing their emotions.

It's This will be the second match between the two clubs in the space of five days. Monday, in a 24-18 loss to the Sparrows at Stade Percival-Molson, the animosity was palpable.

“When you see a team four times in a season, the intensity goes up. We have had regular close games against them for the past few years and the rivalry is strong,” said linebacker Brian Harelimana.

During the last meeting, it was not uncommon to see players taunting each other after the whistles and getting involved in a few scrambles. The referees have also thrown their yellow handkerchief on numerous occasions.

“There are several of our players who have been fined,” revealed head coach Danny Maciocia, with the smile, after the exercise on Wednesday.

“We have a lot of money for the order of chicken that I will place after training”, added the one who has become accustomed to drawing in the pockets of his too unruly footballers.

However, the Alouettes must realize that they have a lot more to lose than the Rouge et Noir in this rivalry. The Ottawa club is already excluded from the portrait of the playoffs, while the Montreal team is still fighting for first place in the East section. A loss caused by indiscipline or even a future suspension could greatly harm the aspirations of the “Als”.

“They are adults and professional players. They know it will be a very physical game Friday in Ottawa. […] We will have to control our emotions,” mentioned Maciocia.

Keep believing

Let's go back to the Alouettes' situation in the standings, who have maintained a 7-8 record so far. Their goal is to get ahead of the Toronto Argonauts (9-6), whom they will face twice after the duel against the Rouge et Noir. A single loss by the end of the regular season would destroy the “Als” chances of going directly to the Eastern final.

“We still have confidence to achieve it, Harelimana said. We just delivered a poor performance on Monday, but that doesn't change anything for us. We now have to win the rest of our games to finish first.”

“It's in our hands and we no longer have room for error due to our poor start to the season. None of our last three games will be easy. I think it's a good thing, because it prepares us for what's to come,” continued the Quebecer, referring to his team's future playoff game.