CH: the exchange with the Oilers which did not take place

CH: Oilers trade that didn’t happen


The Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers have been in talks over a trade that would have involved John Klingberg when the latter was an unrestricted free agent. 

So reported by Elliotte Friedman in the latest episode of his 32 Thoughts podcast.  

According to the Sportsnet reporter, before Klingberg got along with the Anaheim Ducks, the Oilers were very interested in signing him, but were unable to free up enough space under the salary cap to accommodate his demands.

To help the Oilers and obtain compensation at the same time, the Canadians could thus have signed the Swedish defender before handing him over to the Alberta team in a transaction by withholding a portion of his salary. 

The negotiations n were unsuccessful, however, and the Canadians eventually opted for a trade with the Flames in order to obtain hold a 1st round pick.