Championship of France of football will not be played out: the Prime Minister announced the cancellation of all sporting events until the fall (video)

Чемпионат Франции по футболу не будет доигран: премьер-министр объявил об отмене всех спортивных соревнований до осени (видео)

The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe announced the cancellation of all sporting events in the country in season 2019/20 because of the pandemic of coronavirus, reports L’équipe.

About this Philip said during his speech before the National Assembly.

“Large sporting events cannot be held in the country until September. Football season-2019/20 may not be renewed, even in an empty stadium,” said Philip.

In this case, League 1 has no other choice but to terminate the season.

At the time of stop of the championship in the standings was the leader of “Paris Saint Germain”, who scored 68 points in 27 games.

While there is no information regarding the distribution of seats in the European Cup and the teams which will be lowered/raised in class.

It is reported that the French League kicks off from August 2020, but it will be the beginning of the next season 2020/21.