Chance for Ukraine. The EU will move to “green” energy

Шанс для Украины. ЕС перейдет на «зеленую» энергию

The crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, has pushed the Europeans to switch to clean technologies.

The EU wants to reduce dependence on fossil energy and achieve climate neutrality before 2050.The European Commission presented a strategy for the use of hydrogen as one of the most important sources of energy in the transition to clean technologies. In Brussels a strategy called a chance for Ukraine. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Europe goes “green rails”

On 8 July the European Commission presented two documents, which should help in achieving your goals by refraining from carbon energy and roll back global warming. This strategy of integration of energy systems and the hydrogen strategy.

Now the energy sector is responsible for about 75 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. The main objective of the strategy for the integration of energy systems is to reduce the harmful effects on the environment and reducing energy wastage.

In the framework of the Paris climate agreement the EU has committed itself in significant sokrasheniya in the atmosphere of greenhouse gas CO2, and the widespread introduction of hydrogen technology is considered as one of the main ways of achieving goals.

In 2019 in the different countries of Europe have already implemented a number of projects to Pospolitaya hydrogen instead of oil, gas and coal. The pandemic coronavirus topic of hydrogen for a few months has gone into the background, but now she is even more interest.

This is due to the fact that the consequences of the pandemic in different countries and overall in the EU are preparing a giant economic stimulus programs, and there is an obvious effort to use the allocated funds for the development of the most innovative, advanced and environmentally friendly technologies.

In the past metasemicontinuous energy Agency jointly with the International monetary Fund has prepared a Plan for sustainable recovery, which describes how to restart the growth of the world economy on a low carbon basis. Detail in material Without oil. How to save the economy from coronaries.

In the European Commission see the future: people ride electric vehicles, which they charge from solar panels placed on the roofs of buildings, and apartments are heated by the heat radiated by the plant or datacenter, located nearby.

In the EC documents are also invited to make in the European Union by 2024, nearly a million tons of hydrogen, and by 2030 — ten million tons. The legislative basis for this is developing a liberal MEP from Austrailia Gamon.

“Hydrogen is considered green if they are used for decarbonization, then the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in energy-intensive industries or for replacement of carbon, for example, in the manufacture of steel,” she said.

Hydrogen is currently considered the most promising source of energy.For some time the carbon will still be able to retain its position as the disintegration of natural gas is the cheapest way to produce hydrogen.

But hydrogen can be produced from water using energy from renewable energy sources or fossil. And if it has found a cost-effective method of producing hydrogen by electrolysis of sea water using solar energy, a breakthrough in new energy would be irreversible, experts say.

Pascalcasing chooses the shortest path to hydrogen potential, not only in environmental, but also technological, financial and industrial uses, creates European Alliance for clean hydrogen involving oil and gas companies such as Shell and Snam.

Hydrogen EU strategy includes a range of activities to promote “green” hydrogen in the European energy and decarbonization of the economy. We are talking about a partial replacement of coal with hydrogen in the production of steel and transfer to hydrogen fuel passenger, both public and personal, and freight transport.

To achieve these objectives, it was proposed that the 38 measures, including legislative initiatives and financing of new technologies.

DW writes, citing a source in Brussels, the European Commission wants to involve neighbouring countries, in particular Ukraine.

“This strategy is also a chance for Ukraine. We will be in contact with Ukraine and look how she can develop production for export to our market”, — said the interlocutor of the edition in the European Commission.

It is noted that for the countries-suppliers of fossil fuels, particularly from Russia and Norway, the movement of the EU towards climate neutrality will be a challenge. EU energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said that to achieve this goal is only possible with the abandonment of fossil energy sources.

“All of the partners that supply us with fossil fuels, should take this into account,” warned the Commissioner.

Presented in the strategy also provide for the development of a system of pipelines to transport hydrogen. The cheapest way is the re — equipment of gas pipelines. The cost of conversion is estimated at 10-30 percent of the price of laying new pipes.