Channing Tatum has finalized its divorce with jenna Duan

As it became known, on the day the 39-year-old Channing Tatum and his 38-year-old wife Jenna Duan was officially recognized as free from the bonds of marriage. More precisely, the procedure for dissolution of their marriage complete. But Chenggu and his now ex-wife have yet to settle a number of important issues related to division of property and registration of the custody of their child.

Ченнинг Татум завершил свой развод с Дженной Дуан

That Jenna and Channing broke up, became known in April 2018. This message then was a complete surprise for everyone. After all, they were considered as almost the perfect couple and lived peacefully together for 9 years, raising my only daughter Everly, which this year was 6 years old. Moreover, announcing the end of their marriage, the couple said that they intend to remain friends and work together to take care of Everly. So, most likely, the resolution of the custody issue will pass without scandals.

But to the intentions of the ex-spouses to remain friends, things didn’t go quite as they planned. As told Jenna, she was mortified and shocked when I found out in October of 2018 that Channing began Dating singer Jessie James, which, by the way, is strikingly similar to Duan. “I was amazed when I learned this news from the Internet!” — said the actress, who found that Tatum all too quickly forgot it and started a new novel. Meanwhile, according to rumors, Jenna at that time and she already started Dating another man — Steve Qazi.Moreover, Duan and Qazi for quite some time live together, and she is currently expecting a child with her beloved…

Pregnant Jenna announced in September this year. “Steve and I just could not feel more happy, because our expected family addition!” — wrote the actress on his page in the social network. Now Jenna is on a fairly substantial time, so she will soon bless Stephen, his firstborn, and Everly will appear younger brother or sister.