Chaos at airports: Air Canada plans to cut flights in July and August

Chaos at airports: Air Canada plans to cut flights in July and August


Overwhelmed by the unbridled resumption of air traffic, the carrier Air Canada will have to resolve to cut its number of flights offered in July and August.

It's up to at least what the company said in an email sent to its customers on Wednesday.

“To achieve the necessary degree of operational stability, we must, reluctantly, make substantial reductions in our schedule in July and August, in order to reduce volumes and passenger flows to a level that we believe is viable for the system. air transport”, can we read in the message signed by the president and chief executive officer of Air Canada, Michael Rousseau.

No details were immediately provided as to the number of flights that could be canceled in the coming weeks.

The leader acknowledged that Air Canada has been overwhelmed by the strength of the resumption of air traffic, after more than two years of the pandemic.

“Despite detailed and rigorous planning, the most massive and rapid hiring in our history and investments in aircraft and equipment, we must realize that the complex and inevitable challenges of the industry have also disrupted Air Canada's operations,” said Mr. Rousseau, presenting “[his] most sincere apologies to our customers and our employees.”

Worse in the world

According to FlightAware site data, 58% of Air Canada's flights scheduled for Wednesday were delayed, which represents the worst percentage among all the airlines listed by the platform.

It must be said that two of the main airports served by Air Canada , Montreal-Trudeau and Pearson in Toronto are doing poorly on punctuality these days. On Wednesday, 37% of flights were delayed in Montreal, compared to 41% in Toronto, which places them respectively in the 8th and 6th place of airports with the worst delay rate in the world, data from Flightaware.

The President and CEO of Aéroports de Montréal, Philippe Rainville, has also indicated that a reduction in the number of daily flights seems inevitable.

“I will tell you that we are seriously looking at reducing the offer for travel. Maybe for a while we will be forced to abandon some flights and cancel destinations during the summer,” he told TVA Nouvelles on Tuesday.