Chaos because of the snow flurry: there are dead and dozens injured

Millions of people in the North-East of the country face snow squalls and cold winds, where the temperature reaches zero degrees Fahrenheit (-17 degrees Celsius) and below.

Хаос из-за снежного шквала: есть погибшие и десятки раненых

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Wednesday’s snow squalls that swept the entire region, proved fatal.

In Pennsylvania, two people were killed and dozens injured due to a massive accident on Interstate 80 to 150 miles (241 km) Northwest of Philadelphia.

Part of the highway still remained closed on Thursday, December 19.

Хаос из-за снежного шквала: есть погибшие и десятки раненых

Photo: screenshot of video by USA Today

AccuWeather meteorologist Jake Saida said that the barrage probably began in bright sunlight, when the sun-warmed tyres and the road surface was above zero. Thus, the falling snow was melting, and then quickly froze, creating ice. When the sun disappeared, the snow continued to fall.

“The temperature of the road due to heavy snow can cause the road will quickly freeze. This is particularly dangerous threat, which often create snow squalls,” – said Saida.

Meanwhile, temperatures from Maine to Virginia reached 15 Fahrenheit (-9 Celsius) or below on Thursday morning, according to AccuWeather. Because of the gusts of wind seemed that much colder.

“As for Thursday the high pressure increases, temperature will average 8 to 16 degrees Fahrenheit below normal,” said AccuWeather senior meteorologist Paul of Pustelak.

Philadelphia, new York and Boston were faced with temperatures around 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 Celsius) and the wind speed exceeds 20 miles (32.1 km) per hour. In Boston the temperature reached -3 degrees (-19 Celsius). Residents of Newark (new Jersey) faced with the air temperature 1 degree Fahrenheit (-17 Celsius).

Thursday almost everywhere to the North of the line of Mason Dixon were observed cold throughout the day.

“Today will be much colder than it was earlier this winter, warned the mayor of new York bill de Blasio on Twitter. – Make sure you are well dressed and not activitiesin the street longer than necessary.”

Хаос из-за снежного шквала: есть погибшие и десятки раненых

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The national weather service issued warnings for snow flurry from West Virginia to New England. Dramatic slow motion video, filmed at One World Trade Center, shows at Manhattan carried a flurry.

“The people of new York should be aware of potential dangerous road conditions. We recommend caution, turn on lights and move slowly, if you drive through a snow squall,” warns the city emergency management Agency.