Characteristics of the new hybrid car Seat Tarraco

Характеристики нового гибридного автомобиля Seat Tarraco

Start of development and the emergence of a new crossover model Seat Tarraco almost immediately attracted a large number of fans.

Before this, cars of this brand that could have anything to surprise, was in most of the hatchbacks.

The appearance of the car. But after a short amount of time, the Spanish carmaker decided to surprise the world community and presented a hybrid model of the car Seat Tarraco. Approval of the manufacturer, this model belongs to the class of crossovers Plug-in hybrid with the installation. This hybrid car was the first in the line of models from the Spanish company, under the hood which was mounted plug-in installation of this kind.

According to numerous statements of representatives of the company till 2021 for this model can be added another 5 or 6 full-electric or hybrid versions. With a high degree of probability, this list will get Cupra and Seat.

Was developed new car Seat Tarraco PHEV engineers at the factory in the Spanish city of Martorell. Despite this, the production crossover is planned to also start in the German town of Wolfsburg at the Volkswagen plant.

Technical parameters. In hybrid models, they are somewhat different from the standard variation. As the power plant for this model uses a gasoline engine TSI, which amounts to 1.4 liters, and power — 150 HP paired with electric motor, whose power is 115 HP to ensure smooth functioning of the motor, the car has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13 kWh.

According to representatives of the automaker, one fully charged battery is enough to drive 50 km without the need for additional support. The total capacity of the hybrid car is 245 HP, according to official information, although when calculating it turns out that 21 HP is somewhere lost. The limit value of torque is 400 Nm. According to available information, the speed of 100 km/h the car will reach 7.4 seconds, and its top speed is 214 km / hour ( a software limitation).

During the presentation representatives of the company showcased and the sport version with the finish FR. The difference of the car is different grille, extended width fender flares and the presence of strips of LEDs on the trunk lid. The basis for new models of steel wheels with a diameter of 19 inches, and the back decorated with the spoiler.

Interior. A distinctive feature of the internal structure of the cabin of the car is a display with a diagonal of 9.2 inch. The list goes sport seats, navigation system, pedal caps in aluminium and the steering wheel with the trademark of the FR. Speaking about safety and comfort, the manufacturer establishes the model, the most modernised version, including communications systems. In the list of support options also help when travelling using a trailer, as well as a system that allows to warm up the motor in the Parking lot.

Result. The official presentation of this car is planned during the auto show in Frankfurt, scheduled for September this year. The beginning of serial production is scheduled for early 2020. The arrival of new models in the official sales is not expected before mid-2020. At the same time will be announced the list of all available trim levels, together with prices.