Charest goes after Poilievre

Charest takes it out on Poilievre


In Wednesday's debate, Jean Charest took advantage of the absence of his main opponent for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre, to attack him.

< p>Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest soon fired an arrow at Pierre Poilievre, who rejected the offer to cross swords again, even if it meant paying a fine of $50,000 as imposed by a party rules.

“For a candidate in a leadership contest, not participating in a debate is like a fish that refuses to swim in the ocean. », launched Mr. Charest, in the first minute of his first speech.

His Twitter account even posted a taunt, “ ” (Where is Pierre?), in the form of a website, as the debate began. 

Remember that 65 % of party members had supported this evening of confrontation between the candidates.

Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidates Scott Aitchison and Jean Charest were chatting quietly ahead of Wednesday night's debate.

It was without an audience and around a table that Mr Charest, Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber answered questions from Rob Batherson, President of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), in two 45 min segments in English then in French.

Poilievre doesn't care

At the same moment, at a rally in Regina, Saskatchewan, Pierre Poilievre mocked his opponents gathered in Ottawa around a “card table”.

Candidate Leslyn Lewis, known for its conservative social positions, especially against abortion, was also conspicuous by its absence. 

She did not show up, because abortion was not on the menu, precisely.

With the exception of Jean Charest, the candidates present kept their vitriol for Justin Trudeau, preferring do not attack each other or target Mr. Poilievre, favorite in the race.

Fuzzy on his future

Questioned, first, by Scott Aitchison, then by journalists who asked him if he intended to stay in the CPC if his leadership campaign failed, Mr. Charest remained vague, indicating that his only plan at the moment was to win the race and become prime minister.

“I will win the leadership race. This is my deep conviction and I urge you to be careful. This isn't the first time people have said there's going to be a result. All my life, I've lived with that,” he said during a post-debate press scrum.

The path remains arduous for Mr. Charest, however, at this point. stadium. 

Figures released this week by the CCP show that Mr. Poilievre raised more funds in the second quarter than all of his opponents combined.

However, he can take comfort in saying that about three-quarters of party members eligible to vote have still not done so. As of Wednesday, some 150,000 Conservative members had returned their ballots by mail.

Environment and Inflation

Despite little At the outset of this latest event, there were serious conversations about the environment, airport congestion and inflation. However, no new position has caught the attention.

Roman Baber

True to his habit, Roman Baber went there with attacks against any plan for the defense of the environment and for the idea of ​​transforming Canada as a “natural resources superpower”.

The 678,000 members of the CPC will know their next leader on September 10.