Chargers snatch victory

Chargers snatch win


It was far from pretty, but the Chargers had the last laugh against the Denver Broncos on Monday in Los Angeles, winning 19-16. 

Visitors quarterback Russell Wilson is far from having a season that lived up to expectations, but he showed signs of good things early in the game, ending the first quarter having found his hands. a receiver 10 times in as many attempts, for 116 yards and a major.

This fine start was quickly ruined. The center eventually ended the game by completing 15 of 28 stints for 188 yards.

The man behind Chargers center Justin Herbert didn't have a much rosier night. In 57 pass attempts, he reached a receiver 37 times for 238 yards. He failed to complete a single touchdown pass and was the victim of an interception.

It was ultimately running back Austin Ekeler who passed the only major of the crowd favorites.< /p>

With a hamstring injury, Chargers kicker Dustin Hopkins was still able to do his job brilliantly, converting all four of his field goals, including the game-winner , in overtime.