Charity project of Dima Komarov #Casecode saved the lives of 32 children

While the main traveler of the country, Dmitry Komarov vanishes on the set of exciting new releases of the program “the World inside out”, the fans missed the news on the TV.

Благотворительный проект Димы Комарова #ЧашкаКофе спас жизни 32 детей

Recently Dima Komarov shared with them the results of the work of his charity project #Casecode. The presenter reported that over the 4 years of the project, thanks to the Ukrainians and residents of other countries managed to collect about 38 million hryvnia to help seriously ill children. Only this time, the project helped save 32 lives.

On their pages in social networks presenter told subscribers about children that managed to save the “unscheduled”:

“Friends, I want to share the news #Chichkakova! Do not think that if there are no new posts, then #Chichkakova resting. This does not happen:) When I’m in the expedition, time on social networks is not enough. But our team does not stop working. After treatment of each child, his parents transferred the balance of other kids. For the money, made transactions, which we haven’t declared the collection”.

Dima Komarov told about the seven children, for which the total amount was allocated to 118 thousand dollars and 72, 5 thousand euros.

Благотворительный проект Димы Комарова #ЧашкаКофе спас жизни 32 детей

The essence of the project #Casecode is that each person can save the life of a child, abandoning one Cup of coffee and handing the money to help children. #Casecode – unique in its kind project, because there are no administrative expenses – all money collected goes directly to the parents of seriously ill children. Dmitry Komarov acts as a guarantee that all funds will be used for the purpose. He personally meets with each child, his family and watching his recovery.

The project was joined by other stars of the Ukrainian show-business. The soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva actively popularitywith the project and helps to raise funds for the wards #Calcicole through their social. network and designer Andre tan in collaboration with the program “the World inside out” created the original bag, shoper, all proceeds from which will go to help children.

For the most efficient use of social networks for charitable purposes Dmitry Komarov was awarded the “Instagram of the year” award at the XXL Awards men’s 2018.

Recall that the only source of information about the project #Casecode are the official page of Dmitry Komarov at SOC.networks. Leading repeatedly urged followers not to trust unverified accounts.