Charles in cloud nine. Kate Middleton made the king happy. What happened

Rumors about child number 4 are gaining momentum – the newly minted king is getting ready to become a grandfather for the sixth time.

Charles in the sky. Kate Middleton made the king happy. What happened

Princess Katherine is about to become a mother for the fourth time. The Prince and Princess of Wales have so far only shared the good news with members of the royal family.

British tabloids report about it. Based on statements by someone close to Kate and William, they say that the 40-year-old princess's dream of having another baby has come true.

Does Kate confirm that she is pregnant again?

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King Charles III was told about it, who, according to rumors, is looking forward to meeting the sixth toddler. He was unsuccessful as a father, but he is a great grandfather, notes the source.

“Everything Charles failed to give William and his brother Prince Harry as a father, he makes up for in communicating with his grandchildren. with George, Charlotte and Louis, fooling around with them until they start laughing & rdquo ;, m & oacute; and an initiate.

Post from The Waleses💖 (@katemiddleton_uk)

Kate Middleton wanted another child, because her children are already big and can take care of themselves. Even the youngest, Prince Louis, is now completely independent, and Katherine really misses the clatter of little tables around the house when everyone is at school. In addition, she has long dreamed of a girl – the sister of Princess Charlotte. Source notes that Middleton is very close to her sister Pippa and would like Lottie to have the same relationship with her sister.

For now, however, Princess Kate's pregnancy is just a rumor. Buckingham Palace has not issued an official statement on the matter.

Earlier it was revealed that the Welsh couple were planning a new addition to the family – an insider suggested that Prince William changed his anger into mercy and soon to be expected good news from Princess Kate.