Charlize Theron with children shopping in Los Angeles

Last weekend a 44-year-old Charlize Theron, who is now busy making the next part of “fast and Furious” (The Fast and the Furious), is dedicated to his seven year old son Jackson and daughter August, the exact age of which she did not disclose. With children star came by paparazzi at the exit of the supermarket in Los Angeles.

Шарлиз Терон с детьми на шопинге в Лос-Анджелесе

Charlize TheronCharlize Theron

The star, dressed in a white oversize sweater, straight-leg jeans and white Converse sneakers, filmed the moment when she was pushing the cart with purchases to the car. Next to her was Jackson, Aug and their close friend.

Son of the actress was dressed in a pink sweatshirt and short shorts, and his hair was braided in small braids. By the way, the public often criticizes Charlize from behind the closet Jackson, but the actress these conversations did not hurt. So, in an interview, Theron even named his son a girl:

I look at my two beautiful girls and, like any mother, worried for them. I want them to feel safe and able to Express themselves, want to protect them. Without a doubt, I’m ready to kill for them.

Recall that in 2012, Charlize Theron adopted Jackson from South Africa, and three years later was adopted by Augustus from the United States. Somehow the actress admitted that motherhood was for her a real challenge. The star even was until recently neglected my personal life for the sake of raising children. But now, when the kids Charlize grew up a little, actress (by his own admission) is again ready to date.