Cheap barley will help to improve heart

Regular consumption of pearl barley may significantly reduce the level of cholesterol that affects the heart. In addition, the barley with any kind of (while the barley is made from it) very positive effect on blood pressure, weight and blood sugar levels.

Дешевая перловка поможет оздоровить сердце

Experts from the Hospital of St. Michael in Toronto (Canada) conducted a study that established a high efficiency of barley. All in all they were analyzed the results of 14 studies from different countries, and they all included clinical trials. Scientists estimate that the consumption of barley or barley grains reduces the concentration of “bad” cholesterol in low density lipoproteins (LDL) by 7%.

According to experts, diabetes and high cholesterol are among the main factors of development of cardiovascular diseases. So this easy way like eating barley, quite effective will help to reduce these risks. But researchers note that over the last decade, the consumption of barley decreased by a third. This situation is a cause for concern and gives reason to urge people not to ignore this kind of grain and often include in your diet, especially because of recipes of dishes from her is more than enough.