Cheated dozens of Russians: in California, a woman posing as an immigration lawyer

The panel of lawyers from California have disclosed the unauthorized practice of law women of San Francisco, whose victims were mostly immigrants from Russia and Mongolia. She claimed that can help them with immigration matters. This writes the Calbar.

Обманула десятки россиян: в Калифорнии женщина выдавала себя за иммиграционного адвоката

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Nellie Allen, also known as Gabutti Nelly, Nelly gabueva and Ellen Allen, engaged in fraud, under various names, including on behalf of the Association of assistance to foreigners, international law, ILGSF, ILGSF Resources and LDA Office Nelly Allen LLM.

She made customers believe that it an immigration lawyer. Two of the former clients of Allen saying that they are now faced with a significant risk of deportation because of misleading and incorrect information provided to Allen in their applications for asylum. Allen never took to the bar Association of the state of California.

In the court of Chancery of the state has a Department involved in the investigation and elimination of unauthorized practice of law, including those who give legal advice without a license, or otherwise acting as a lawyer.

29 April 2020 was a request of the bar of the state in the Supreme court of the County of San Francisco on adjudication in relation to illegal law firm Allen. The state bar has conducted audits of the illegal activities of Allen and seized approximately 70 client files. The Agency also has disconnected phone numbers of Allen’s business-related, redirecting callers to the state bar, had the Bank freeze the account and redirect the mail to the office of the bar Association of the state. After the court granted the request of Board staff, Allen asked the court to reconsider its decision. The court has not yet ruled on the request Allen.

State bar Association strives to return client files to their owners and have established a dedicated phone number for the former customers of Allen, who want to return your documents: 213-765-1678.

Allen opposed the request of the bar Association, denying that she engaged in unauthorized legal practice. However, the state bar has provided documentary evidence that clients paid Allen thousands of dollars in illicit legal services on immigration-related cases, and the court ruled that Allen was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

People who have become a victim of immigration fraud, you can file a legal complaint with the state bar. For filing a complaint do not need to pay, also do not have to be a US citizen. A panel of lawyers will not ask applicants about citizenship or immigration status. The online complaint form is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

In 2019 the state bar Association has opened more than 900 cases for fraud, 24% more than in 2018. The state bar also is considering related to immigration complaints against lawyers and has received more than 400 such complaints in 2019.

The state bar recommends avoiding fraud on the part of lawyers and crooks, taking the following precautions:

  • Ask the full name of the lawyer and number of lawyers in the state. Before you hire a lawyer or pay any amount of money, get a solicitor on the website of the bar staff or on the website of the state where they are presumably licensed to learn whether their license. Consumers also can call the state bar at the number 800-843-9053.
  • If the lawyer represent you on immigration matters, make sure they have a license for this type of practice. A list of lawyers who currently are not licensed or subjected to disciplinary action from the office can be found at the link.
  • Sign the contract in writing and ask for receipts for your payments.
  • Be careful if someone demands cash payments. If you have to pay cash, be sure to get a written receipt.
  • Don’t hire anyone who threatens to report your immigration status if you don’t pay them.
  • If you do not have a Bank account, use cheques and insist on a written receipt. If you have already made the payment, you have the right to request the description and quantity of services provided.

Additional resources for consumers:

  • Immigration legal resources
  • Fraud warning for immigrants applying for legal aid to avoid deportation.