Cheating husband Milavskaya passed check on the lie detector

Неверный муж Милявской прошел проверку на детекторе лжи

Yet legal husband of popular singer Lolita Milavskaya Dmitry Ivanov, whom she accused of infidelity and psychological violence, switched to defense. Supposedly coach squash humiliated wife and called her “a fat cow”. Dmitry has denied allegations Lolita, gave a few interviews and even agreed to be tested on a lie detector.

He decided in the program Dmitry Shepelev “actually”, which guests became he and friends Lolita. Dmitri kept quiet, not watered former mud, tried to explain the reason for the divorce. He stressed that the appearance of Lo did not affect their relationship. Especially when you live with a man for 10 years.

“Besides, now it looks good. She said she lost 14 kilograms”, — said Ivanov.

To protect Lolita was the actress Evelina Bledans, she lashed out at Ivanov’s accusations and added that Lolita looks good because it was free and not to hear reproaches and insults.

She lost weight, because I already went to a psychologist because I broke up with you because no one calls her a fat cow, no one lowers her self-esteem! Lolita loves the whole country! And when she came home — I heard these words, after which she had to recover!” — expressed Bledans husband Milavskaya.

But Ivanov once again assured that this is not true. Like cheating on lolita. He insists that the novel with Olga Guliyeva spun after breaking up with Milavskaya. He even shared intimate details of the marriage in 2019 they Lo not have sex.

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The publication from the coaching squash (@ivanovsport) 21 Nov 2019 10:39 PST

Lolita, to put it mildly, not happy campaigns of her husband on TV. “I’m not there, no Sergei Gorina @advokatzhorin, no Arkady Ukupnik, Angelica @avarum (for me Masha, due to 30 years of Friendship) Varum, my therapist Inessa Litvinenko @ministerstvo_uspekha, Kathy Gordon @katyagordon). But the program not became worse! Must see! For the “Head” of each of the above declared 3 million rubles of penalties, if they go in the Studio! More interesting, what there WILL be!” – outraged her in Instagram.

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Publication of Lolita (@lolitamilyavskaya) 23 Nov 2019 10:09 PST

Recall, Lolita saw the intimate correspondence a cheating husband on his computer and handed it to the lawyer. Dmitry in the answer has addressed in police with the statement about the hacking of e-mail. Lolita in anger gave a somewhat revealing interview about family life. Dmitry tried to shy excuses, showed new home, where he lives with Guliyeva. He also posted a Instagram video with analysis of contradictory behaviour Lolita.

Lolita admits that working with a psychologist. Your anger at her husband she expressed in obscene language and weird actions. She tore the carpet, donated by Dmitry.

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