Check your basement: old technology Apple can cost up to a million dollars

In 2014, Bonhams auctioned in new York a rare Apple-1. It is estimated that he was worth from $300,000 to $500,000, and was eventually sold for a whopping $905 000, according to CNBC.

Проверьте свой подвал: старая техника Apple может стоить до миллиона долларов

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Six years later, according to the auction house, it is still persama of the highest known prices ever paid for an Apple computer. In 2016, the prototype Apple-1 came close to it, when it was sold for $815.

Apple was founded in parents ‘ garage Steve jobs. The Apple-1 was the first line of desktop computers of the company. There were 200 models, collected co-founder Steve Wozniak, and the one that was sold for $905, was “one of the first batch of 50 pre-assembled machines,” — said Cassandra Hatton, former Director of Bonhams, which oversaw the sale.

Corey Cohen, a computer historian who has been hired to explore the Apple-1, said that the computer was in “excellent General condition”, the Board had “no visible modifications”. Most importantly, it still worked.

Valuable old Apple

The common man old Apple computer may not seem so exciting. In fact, according to NBC Bay Area, in 2015 an unidentified woman took the Apple-1 to a recycling center after cleaning the garage.

“As in the case with historical books and manuscripts, the value of the old computer is determined by its rarity, historical importance and condition,” explains Hutton, who currently is senior fellow and Vice-President of Sotheby’s.

Valuable vintage Apple equipment that may gather dust in your basement:

  1. Apple-1

“It is unlikely that one of them will be sold at the same price, that was sold at Bonhams in 2014,” said Lonnie Mimms, a collector of vintage computers and the founder of the Computer Museum of America in Roswell, GA. But because of its rarity most of the models can still cost from $175 000 to $475 000.

In 2013, Christie’s auctioned Wozniak signed Apple-1 for $387 750. And last year it sold the device with the integrated keyboard and the original instructions for slightly more than $470 000.

If you want to sell or buy such equipment, keep in mind that many fans have created replicas of the Apple-1 (or the kits to create them), the cost of which is close to $1000.

Some sellers will tell you that their computers were signed by jobs. There are many fakes, so be careful.

Although the Apple-1 might can come with the signature of Steve jobs, co-founder of Apple is not particularly engaged in the actual creation of computers. This was stated by Dan Kottke, a computer engineer and one of the first Apple employees.

“Steve basically did the kitchen calls, while Wozniak, who designed the Apple-1, was observed for the Assembly, but not always collected devices,” said Kotka.

  1. Apple II

Was established in 1977. Apple II is much smaller than its predecessor, some were sold for thousands of dollars. According to Computerworld, in 2008, a web developer named Dan Budak paid $2553 new in box for Apple II.

It was the same model, where he grew up and the perspective to unpack ten computer “was too good to miss”, as Budiak told reporters. Unpacking was an unexpected hit in the Internet: more than 2.5 million visits to its Flickr photo album, which documented this event.

In 2015 the Apple II in “good condition” sold for $ 4687 on the auction house Nate D. Sanders. According to the auction house in Los Angeles, contained two original drive and completely undamaged motherboard.

By the way, the first machine, the Apple II was built without ventilation holes that makes them prone to overheating. A design fault that was quickly fixed making produced by the model without ventilation is even more expensive.

  1. Apple Lisa

Introduced in 1983, the Lisa was a huge failure. Incredibly inflated price of $9 995, unreliable floppy drives low read speeds and high error rate led to a decline in sales.

But due to its rarity, the original Lisa with two double-sided 5.25-inch floppy drives can be quite valuable. In 2017, auction team Breker sold one for $50 300.

“Lisa is significant because it is the first computer that includes many features that we still use today: overlapping Windows, drag and drop, dropdown menus and a basket,” he told The Daily Mail, a representative of the auction house. According to estimates Breker, today, there are only 30-100 of these machines.

In 2018 another Lisa 1 sold for $31 250 at auction Bonhams. It was with the original keyboard, mouse, hard drive the Apple Profile, the Apple Dot Matrix printer and a set of software and manuals.

Later Lisa is in excellent condition can cost from $2000 to $4000, while a broken car, or only its internal components can cost a few hundred dollars.

  1. Macintosh 128K

Macintosh 128K that debuted in the legendary advertising “1984”, which was released during Super Bowl XVII, was the first Macintosh computer from Apple. For $2500, he had a 9 inch black and white screen, two serial ports and 3.5 inch slots for floppy disks.

The original Mac in 1984, as a rule, will cost from $1500 to $2000.

But even without this computer only genuine accessories can make you a few hundred dollars richer. In 2002, Wired reported that the empty, well-kept box of the Macintosh 128K, which showed works by Picasso, was sold on eBay for more than $500.

According to Adam Rosen, art collector and founder of The Vintage Mac Museum in Boston, Massachusetts, those who still have a square bag that came with your computer, you can get $100.

  1. Other older Apple products

Do not rush to dispose of old and unused Apple devices. Experts say that as they age they become, the more money you get for them.

Appreciated even models of Macintosh 1990-ies. For example, the Mac Color Classic II was released in 1993 in Canada, Asia and Europe, but never in the United States, making it a rare instance.

Depending on condition and release dates, early mobile devices, Apple also amazingly valuable. Some sold on eBay for tens of thousands of dollars. Sealed in original boxes, they may cost $5,000 or more.

In 2017, the Market Watch reported that a former business owner named Bob Kraft “received an offer of $11 000 for the original 2007 iPhone, which comes in the original gift box from Apple with red ribbon”. “It was tempting”, he said. “But I’m in no hurry to sell”.

What to do if you have valuable equipment Apple

First check whether it is working the device will cost much more. If it does not work, do not attempt to repair it yourself or send to repair shop. Broken parts should be replaced only with original, you’d better leave that decision for those who will eventually buy the device.

Then swipe to the online survey (eBay is a good site to start) to find out at what price the devices are sold or have been sold. Keep in mind that if the seller inflates the price, it does not mean that there are buyers willing to pay it.

The less information about your product, the it is more rare, and therefore sell more.

All this, not to mention the hours that you spend on digging in dusty things, may require more time than it’s worth. Most of us have old equipment in our garage or basement, but very few have something really valuable.