Cheese Curds and Blocks Recalled

Cheese curds and blocks are being recalled


A notice not to consume certain cheese curds and blocks from Fromage Warwick inc. was issued Thursday by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ). 

The alert concerns Jersey cheddar cheese curds, BBQ cheddar, block cheddar, block smoked cheddar, block unsalted cheddar and the reblochon type, as well as two-litre fresh milk.

The products that are the subject of the warning have been proposed for sale until July 13 inclusively in several establishments in the province. 

They were sold refrigerated or at room temperature.

“The operator proceeds voluntarily to the recall of the products in question. It has agreed with the MAPAQ to issue this warning as a precautionary measure,” it was specified in a press release.

People who have purchased one of these products must therefore return it to the where it was bought or throw it away.