Chemical, solvents and pesticides: what to buy vapers on the US black market

Since the beginning of summer 2019 almost every day there are reports about new victims from Smoking electronic cigarettes in the United States. Today almost every state has cases. This writes the “Voice of America”.

Химические разбавители и пестициды: что покупают вейперы на черном рынке США

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In the Center for control and prevention (CDC) have confirmed one of the 18 death and 805 new cases of lung diseases for the week, recording the number of victims at the level of 1080 people.

During the investigation, a growing epidemic that broke out in the early summer and has acquired a national scale, the CDC in partnership with the Administration on control over foodstuff and medicines (FDA) and local health authorities of individual States have got information about 771 the patient: 69% are men; 62% aged 18-34; 16% of adolescents up to 18 years.

While scientists can’t pinpoint a specific factor leading to “chemical injury to the lungs.”

At this stage, there is a tendency: most patients weepy smoked marijuana 30 days prior to symptoms.

In 77% of the samples tested the cartridges that were removed from patients were psychotropic component of marijuana tetrathyridia (THC).

“Recent national and regional results suggests that products containing THC, play a significant role in the outbreak of diseases,” — said in a statement the CDC.

The FDA, the Agency responsible for the regulation of the market, in turn, urged the public to stop using cartridges with THC and any other illegally produced products, since a significant number of patients admitted in the acquisition of funds for vaping on the black market.

The first reports of the disease came from Wisconsin, a state in which there is a ban cannabis prohibition. There were at least 52 cases. In districts and cities in California, where a ban on legal cannabis — 98 cases and two deaths associated with the black market. In Minnesota the local health service said that in each of the 15 cases, the patients also reported Smoking unlicensed cartridges with THC.

The CDC noted that when checking for dubious goods, take into account the broad composition of chemical components harmful to health, from nicotine, THC and other cannabinoids including opioids, thinners, additives such as pesticides, poisons, toxins and chemicals. In parallel, the doctors examine the affected organs of patients.

In the first study, five patients from North Carolina CDC attributed the disease to lipoid pneumonia. In the lungs of patients found immune cells filled with fat. The diagnosis was established by doctors from the University of Utah, they found similar cells, “macrophages lipoptena” six patients. It is a rare form of pneumonia usually found in the elderly who accidentally inhale the oil. Their findings are published in the journal medicine New England.

Recently, the journal published another study of pathology the Mayo Clinic who studied lung biopsy in 17 patients with a history of Smoking marijuana or cannabis oil. However the results of the preliminary theory of disease is not confirmed. One of the main authors of the CDC study explained that the discrepancy may be due to the method of processing a series of biopsies.

But observers and experts in the field of marijuana paying attention to the “vitamin E”, tokoferil acetate, which is used for thinning oil THC. Public health officials across the country reported “contaminated” them with cartridges. In particular, in new York city confirmed the presence of a synthetic contaminant in most samples. The state has already launched an investigation against several manufacturers of such oil. Cheap solvent began to sell on the unregulated market in the first place wapow at the end of 2018.

Licensed mapmaker claim that do not use chemical thinners, which was confirmed by one of the leading laboratories CannaSafe. She conducted an independent examination of the 18 cartridges with THC purchased in legitimate stores and unlicensed dealers in California. The examination also found that fake 13 of the 15 samples contained “vitamin E” and in the test for pesticides, 10 of 10 confirmed their presence. All products from the black market were contained myclobutanil and fungicide, they can turn into hydrocyanic acid during Smoking. In licensed cartridges neither pesticides nor vitamin E was not found.

Because the US government fails to control the industry of electronic cigarettes and a thriving black market, the Department of health in September announced a complete ban on flavoured wapi is still ongoing, nationwide investigation. The individual States where cannabis is legalized, the prohibition covers goods and marijuana.

The FDA and criminal investigations, U.S. urged to inform the local constraints on clandestine organizations. Particularly in Milwaukee prompted by the “concerned local resident” last week, police found nearly a million dollars in cash and more than 10,000 cartridges THC in the house a couple of dealers.

Experts say that supply chain starts in China where we sell cartridges and all the necessary ingredients for the market as THC and nicotine, and all those who choose unlicensed VAPI put themselves at risk.