Chess to the king: the good move of PSPP

King check: PSPP's good move


Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has just taken everyone with their pants down!

The game is far from over for the leader of the Parti Québécois, but he must underline his good move to go and threaten the king on the chessboard by refusing the oath! 

I am very amused by the political mess in reaction to the gesture, not at all superficial, because powerfully symbolic, to stand up to the obligation to pledge allegiance to King Charles III, sovereign of Canada and, therefore, of Quebec.< /p>

In the CAQ team, Simon Jolin–Barrette, perhaps the darkest blues in this formation, talks about putting this abolition of the oath on the legislative agenda, it that is, to postpone the thing.

Need I remind Mr. Jolin-Barrette that we never signed the 1982 constitution?

Why should this antiquated provision take precedence over the popular will so strongly asserted?

Is Quebec a nation, yes or no? Even the “nationalists” of the CAQ say so.

Are we really going to prevent an elected representative of the people from sitting because he does not want to say publicly that he is going to obey a foreign monarch?  

That's a trick!

Dominique “English”, the leader of the Liberal Party of the West Island, invites Paul St-Pierre Plamondon and his two soldiers to come and sit, and therefore to take the oath to the king first, to then debate the question…

Once the oath is pronounced, this matter will immediately become ultra-secondary. 

It is now, since it is time for the swearing, that it is necessary cope!


The spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, must be surprised that this reason for refusing the oath is suddenly the affair of the Parti Québécois.

We will say all the bad things we want about those in solidarity, they are not suspected of monarchist sympathies.

But it will be up to the whole Assembly to show “solidarity” with those who refuse the oath to allow them to be sworn in legitimately on behalf of the people.

ÉKing's check: PSPP's good move