Chest pain may be a signal signifying cancer

Condition associated with a disruption in the heart and manifested by chest pain, could be a precursor to cancer. To this conclusion came scientists from the Mayo clinic in the United States.

Боль в груди может быть сигналом, предвещающим рак

Microvascular endothelial dysfunction, suggesting the development of cardiovascular disease, is also associated with a high risk of cancer, say us scientists. Their arguments are published in Medicalxpress.

According to the researchers, microvascular endothelial dysfunction develops in the presence of lesions in the walls of small cardiac arteries. This deviation indicates a symptom like chest pain.

Us experts for 12 years, watched by a group of 488 people. After analyzing the collected during this period, they concluded that “microvascular endothelial dysfunction may predict future cancer.”

Scientists emphasize that patients with microvascular endothelial dysfunction, tend to be characteristic of other health problems: in particular, they have high cholesterol and blood sugar, obesity, diabetes, hypertension. Perhaps with the influence of these factors and the associated incidence of cancer, allow the authors of the study. They will determine whether treatment of endothelial dysfunction to reduce the high cancer risk associated with it.