Chicago funeral shooting occurred: injured 15 people

According to the Chicago police Department, on Tuesday, July 21, in the evening at least 15 people were shot near funeral homes in Chicago (Il). This writes ABC News.

В Чикаго на похоронах произошла стрельба: пострадали 15 человек

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Unknown in car shot multiple people on the street who were at the funeral. According to the authorities, people on the street and also shot at people in the car.

The police said that the suspects ‘ car crashed and they disappeared from the scene. This was stated on a press-conferences the first Deputy chief of the Chicago police Department Eric Carter.

“When people came from the funeral home, shots rang out,” said Janet Hughes.

Police reported that 15 people, 10 women and 5 men, ranging in age from 21 to 65 years, were taken to five different hospitals with gunshot wounds. Three women and three men are in serious condition, while the lives of other victims, according to police, no danger.

Carter said the motive for the shooting is currently unknown, and the investigation continues.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot condemned the shooting in a post on his Twitter page and urged anyone with information about the incident to contact police.

В Чикаго на похоронах произошла стрельба: пострадали 15 человек

Screenshot: Twitter/@chicagosmayor