Chicken broth affects inflammation in the body

If you use chicken broth in case of illness in the body, the inflammatory process abates, and the man becomes easier. This was reported by a physician-gastroenterologist Tatiana Mayorova.

Куриный бульон воздействует на воспаление в организме

The doctor said that chicken broth in a specific way affects the white blood cells causing the inflammation.
“Scientists have proven that the soup reduces the ability of white blood cells to directional movement”, — said Tatiana Mayorova.

The doctor explained that thus the use of chicken broth can reduce the number of white cells getting to the upper respiratory tract. As a consequence, in this region, reduces inflammation, relieves breathing, dull pain in the throat.

The beneficial properties of chicken broth, elaborated the expert associated with rich content of minerals that can strengthen the body’s immune defenses. In the broth are important for the human body calcium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium. The broth besides replenishes the fluid lost due to high temperature.

As for chicken meat, it is, according to the doctor, useful for the prevention of high blood pressure and myocardial infarction.