Chiefs' holdings: Anglade far ahead of the others with $12.5 million

Leaders' holdings: Anglade far ahead of the others with $12.5M


All party leaders have agreed to disclose their assets. Dominique Anglade of the PLQ wins the prize, ahead of François Legault of the CAQ. The one who aspires to become prime minister on October 3 has assets of $12.5 million.

The Liberal leader and her husband Helge Seetzen have unregistered investments of $8.5 million in various businesses, one million in RRSPs, $209,000 in an ESP and $212,000 in TFSA for total investments of approximately $10 million.  

Dominique Anglade also has three residences. The main one located in Montreal worth $3 million, another in Vancouver worth $1 million and a condo she bought when she was young worth $450,000. She rents out her condo and her second home. The mortgage balance is $1.9 million. 

After this subtraction, the Anglade family fortune amounts to $12.5 million 

Less for Legault

François Legault comes second. 4 years ago, the assets of the outgoing Prime Minister were close to $10 million.  

While he is demanding a second term from the population, Mr. Legault holds with his wife Isabelle Brais assets of $7.8 million. 

According to Cogeco, François Legault made a private donation of $1.5 million. The details of this donation were not revealed by the politician. It is for this reason that the assets of Mr. Legault and Isabelle Brais are lower than in 2018.  

Documents provided by his team indicate that the head of the CAQ has $6.35 million placed in a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF).  

The couple sold his residence in Outremont last year in order to buy a luxurious condo, still on the island, valued at $3.2 million. The balance of the mortgage amounts to $1.7 million.  

The Prime Minister's income is $479,500, that is $219,500 in salary and $260,000 drawn from his FERR.

Duhaime remains unclear

The Conservative leader sent Cogeco “parcel information that is difficult to verify”.  

For his part, the Conservative leader said to have assets totaling $3.74 million. He would hold three buildings mortgaged to the tune of $1 million.  

The first would be valued at $805,000, the second at $387,000 and the last at $675,000. < /p>

Speaking to Paul Arcand on Tuesday morning, Éric Duhaime said he did not collect any rent in these three buildings. 

The Conservative leader would also own a business valued at $700,000. He would finally have investments of $800,000, and $375,000 in his current account. 

An accountant for PSPP

Parti Québécois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is the only leader who provided his financial statements signed by a chartered accountant. Its total assets are estimated at $1.1 million, but once we deduct the mortgages, margin and credit balance, the net assets are more like $410,450. 

For example, he has total income of $143,000, including $128,000 as salary paid by the Parti Québécois. He also has $98,000 in an account as well as investments of $34,000 with Desjardins and $65,000 with the FTQ. He has no foreign investment. 

He has three properties and land whose values ​​total nearly $930,000, namely a personal residence in Château-Richer ($95,000), a rental property in Quebec City ($525,000), another rental property in Montreal (247 $950) and land in Témiscamingue ($60,000). 

The mortgages on these properties total $693,000. Added to this liability is a credit balance of $8,500 and a line of credit of $13,000. 

GND brings up the rear

The 32-year-old new dad is the co-owner of a duplex in Montreal. His share is valued at $297,000, with a mortgage balance of $252,336, according to Cogeco. 

The salary of the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire is $158,296.&nbsp ; 

Including his TFSA of $18,991 and his contributions to the National Assembly pension plan of $40,630, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Québec solidaire has net assets of approximately 104 $285.  

Manon Massé's are $394,865 

With the collaboration of Marc-André Gagnon and Patrick Bellerose, Parliamentary Office