Children's honesty can be troublesome. This mother found out the hard way. After the words of her daughter, she wanted to collapse into the ground

The girl's mother forgets this situation for a long time.

 Children's honesty can be troublesome. This mother found out about it on her own skin.

According to the portal” Parenting “, the honesty of children is something that can lead to some really embarrassing situations. One of the mothers will remember the words her daughter said to the postman for a long time. It was something she certainly didn't want to reveal to anyone. Get to know the details!

Surprising honesty

Truthfulness is a very welcome quality. Unfortunately, children can be sincere to the point of being honest and can reveal things to strangers that their parents would prefer to keep secret. One mom shared an embarrassing situation with her mother as the main character. The girl decided to share some information with the postman.

The exchange between the girl and the postman was recorded and posted on TikTok. The video got a lot of views and got a lot of comments. The postman knocked on the door of the house to which he was delivering parcels. Instead of the lady of the house, her daughter opened the door. The postman asked the girl where her mother was.


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When he didn't get an answer, he decided to ask the question again. Then the girl decided with disarming frankness to say that her mother was upright and was pooping. The man, not knowing too much how to react to this situation, clearly embarrassed, handed the girl the mail and asked her to return it later to her mother.

The woman in the commentary to the recording admitted that the whole situation embarrassed her. “I will never open the door to the postman again. How am I supposed to talk to him now. I'm just joking that after this situation I will have to flee the country. The bags are already packed” – she wrote.

 Children's honesty can be troublesome. This mother found out about it the hard way./p> </p>
<p> “Aren't kids the best?” – asked one of the commenters os & oacute; b. Another pointed out that it was a pity for her mailman, because he had no idea how to actually react to these words. </p>
<p> Have you had similar experiences with the honesty of a child? </p></p>
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