China castigates NATO's 'completely futile' efforts to 'smear' it

China castigates NATO's «completely futile


China on Thursday denounced NATO's “completely futile” efforts to “smear” it, after the military alliance published a document the day before that presented Beijing as a threat to its interests . 

“This so-called NATO 'strategic concept' document ignores reality and turns the facts upside down,” reacted Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“He persists, wrongly, in presenting China as a systemic challenge and in smearing Chinese foreign policy,” he said during a regular press conference, underlining Beijing's “firm opposition”.

NATO judged Wednesday that Beijing represented a “challenge” for the “interests” and “security” of the countries of the Alliance, in its new roadmap adopted on the occasion of its Madrid summit.

“China's declared ambitions and its coercive policies challenge our interests, our security and our values”, writes NATO in this document called “strategic concept” and which had no not been overhauled since 2010.

This is the first time that this document has mentioned China, which traditionally did not come under the Atlantic Alliance's mission.

NATO denounces in particular “the deep strategic partnership” between Beijing and Moscow “ and their mutual attempts to undermine the rules-based international order.”

“It is completely futile to highlight a so-called Chinese threat,” Zhao Lijian said Thursday.

“China is not at all the systemic challenge that NATO imagines. In comparison, it is NATO that constitutes the real systemic challenge for world peace and stability,” replied the Chinese spokesperson.

The Atlantic Alliance is regularly denounced by China as a hostile military grouping serving US interests and responsible for the current war in Ukraine.

“NATO claims to be a regional organization and defensive in nature. In fact, it keeps expanding beyond its regional scope and jurisdiction, starting wars and killing innocent civilians,” said Zhao Lijian.

“Hands of NATO are covered in the blood of the peoples of the world,” he stressed, referring in particular to the Alliance's interventions in Afghanistan, Libya and the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Serbia in 1999.

This last event, which caused the death of three Chinese journalists, has permanently tarnished the reputation of NATO in the Asian country.