China has told for whom coronavirus deadly

Health authorities in China published the first study of coronavirus Covid-19, based on analysis of over 70,000 cases of the disease, BBC reports.

В Китае рассказали для кого короновирус смертельно опасен

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According to the Chinese Center for control and prevention of diseases, more than 80% of cases the disease was uneventful, and the greatest risk of relapse was related to the elderly and those with chronic disease.

The study also noted that health workers are also at risk.

On the eve of publikatsii report it became known about death from the virus the Director of the largest hospital of Wuhan, which was at the epicenter of the disease. 51-year-old Li Zhiming was one of the prominent representatives of the health care system of China.

Hubei province, where the city of Wuhan, the most affected from the spread of the virus.

According to the report, the mortality rate is 2.9% vs. just 0.4% in other provinces.

In General, the level of mortality from Covid-19 is 2.3%.

At the time of the publication of the report from the coronavirus died 1 868 people were infected — 72 436.

According to Chinese authorities, more than 12 000 recovered.

What the researchers found?

In a report published in the Chinese journal of epidemiology, summary data analysis 72 314 cases of coronavirus Covid-19. The study relates to confirmed diagnoses, suspected disease, but also asymptomatic cases.

The report confirms the General data on symptoms of the disease and ways of its distribution.

While 80.9% of cases there was a moderate course of the disease, 13.8% of the cases — heavy, and only 4.7% of the cases was critical.

The highest mortality rate among patients with a confirmed diagnosis — in people older than 80 years.

Among those who died, more men (2.8 percent) than women (1.7 percent).

The study also confirmed that the more severe the disease and the risk of death among those who have chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, hypertension.

The report notes the risk to health care workers. As at 11 Feb 2020 3 019 doctors were infected, in 1 716 the disease has been confirmed, the five medical workers have died.

13 Feb Chinese authorities have expanded the diagnosis and included the total number of patients with “clinically diagnosed diagnoses” that have previously separated from the “confirmed cases”. This has led to a sharp rise in the statistics of the spread of the virus.

What to expect?

The report also States that the epidemic peak symptoms occurred in 23 to 26 January and was reduced to 11 Feb.

According to the authors of the study, an important role was played by the isolation of entire towns and the systematic dissemination through various channels critical information on measures. In particular, recommendations on hand washing, wearing masks, asking for assistance and mobilization of rapid response teams helped to halt the spread of the epidemic.

At the same time, experts warn that “the country needs to be prepared for a possible vozobnovlenie epidemic.”

In early February Wuhan, the epicenter of the spread of the virus and the largest city of Hubei province, has been shut down. China has also imposed severe restrictions on the movement of people and goods.

Meanwhile, the two Russians are on a cruise ship “diamond Princess” in the port of Yokohama, was diagnosed with coronavirus infection. About it reports “Voice of America”, citing the Russian Embassy in Japan. Soon they will be taken to the hospital. Earlier it became known about one case of infection of a Russian citizen on Board.

Sick Russians feel fine. The disease occurs without pronounced symptoms, said the Russian Embassy in Facebook.

As of 20 February, the airliner was quarantined because of the coronavirus, left four more Russians. All on Board were 24 citizens of Russia.

Today it became known about death from coronavirus infection two citizens of Japan, were hospitalized with “diamond Princess” about a week ago. Patients were older than 80 years, said the Japanese authorities.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Cruise ship company Princess Cruises was in quarantine off the coast of Japan after one of the passengers found Chinese coronavirus. The quarantine was 3,500 passengers. A visitor from Hong Kong left liner Diamond Princess January 25, when the ship docked in Hong Kong to visit the local hospital where he was diagnosed with coronavirus. “Being on the ship, he had not visited the ship’s medical center to report any symptoms or illness — said in a statement. — At the hospital said he is in stable condition, and family members traveling with him, not detected any symptoms”.
  • In addition, in Hong Kong announced that check approximately 1,800 passengers with a private cruise liner, arrived from Wuhan, after some people have reported that they have fever and other symptoms of the virus. According to the Department of health of the city, about 90% of the passengers on the ship of the World Dream was from Hong Kong. Three people contracted the virus after they were on the ship from 19 to 24 January. On Tuesday, February 4, the ship was denied entry to Taiwan. And it’s unclear how long the passengers will be quarantined.
  • The latest news and everything you need to know about the outbreak of a novel coronavirus from China, read in the special ForumDaily “Chinese coronavirus”.



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