China using drones in the mountains found fled 17 years ago of the offender: he forgot how to speak (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

В Китае с помощью дронов в горах нашли бежавшего 17 лет назад преступника: он разучился разговаривать (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

Fled 17 years ago from prison in China 63-year-old offender was discovered with the help of modern technology in a tiny cave, where he lived all this time hiding from justice.

Song Jiang went to prison in Yunnan province for trafficking in women and children, then was transferred to colony-settlement, where, and disappeared in March 2002, reports BBC News. Fleeing was declared wanted, but the search brought no results.

And only in September 2019 it turned out that all these long 17 years songjianghe hiding in the rugged mountains near his hometown in Yunnan. But then the exact hiding place of the criminal showed up immediately.

As a result, the police decided to use to search for the fugitive drones. From the air and found his secret hideout, to which the police had to walk for several hours.

The other Chinaman was hiding from the police for 16 years in a monastery and became its Abbot

When the man came, it was found that during the years spent in solitude, he forgot how to speak. Jiang lived in a tiny cave with a maximum size of two square meters. According to law enforcement officials, he hasn’t bathed for years, did not wash clothes.

Now song Jiang again sent to jail to serve your sentence.