China’s economic growth may stop

The negative effects of the pandemic coronavirus can lead to the fact that China’s economic growth will stop is, in turn, may cause poverty 11 million people in East Asia.

Экономический рост Китая может прекратиться

On Monday said the world Bank, reports the Economic truth with reference to AFP.

“Pandemic is causing unprecedented global shock, which may increase poverty in the region”, — said the chief economist of the world Bank for East Asia and the Pacific Aaditya of Mattoo.

According to the world Bank, even under the best scenarios in the region will experience a sharp decline in the growth rate when the growth rate of China will slow down from 6.1% in 2019, to 2.3%.

It is noted that 2 months ago, world Bank economists predicted that China’s economy this year will grow by 5.9%, which would be the worst figure since 1990.

“Pandemic greatly affects the economy of the region, but the depth and duration of the shock is unusually uncertain,” — said in the message.

At more negative forecasts, because of falling of economy of 11 million people in the region can be in terms of poverty.

The world Bank said that the 17 countries in the region are key to global chains and account for 70 percent of world trade, “they suffered” and now have the world’s highest number of cases COVID-19.

World Bank urged to take decisive action, in particular, to measures to reduce shock to the households and address the issue of lost wages.